Monday, 19 January 2015

Prepare to meet Pip

The animal headcount on our lifestyle block is currently:

  • Two dogs - Jess and Pip
  • Two cats - Sheila and Mia/Meer
  • One miniature horse - Ted
  • Four rabbits - all named but don't ask me what
  • Ten chickens - I think my hubbie calls them all Susan
  • A number of fish - hopefully not named 
They will all no doubt get further mention in the blog but I thought I'd profile those that actually live in the house and we'll start with Pip.

Kiwi Good Life - Vicki Annison

She came from a farm almost four years ago and is a bit of a mix up cross breed:
King Charles Cavalier Spaniel/ Bichon Frise / Poodle and Foxy!

Kiwi Good Life - Vicki Annison
Baby Pip with new pal Jess

We got her to be a companion for our first dog Jess.
She is utterly loving, devoted and completely mental!

She is a true companion for Jess and the two of them are never to be found far apart. Of course they have their differences and Pip sometimes just wants to do her own thing.
And she will. 

Her thing tends to be shoes.

Jess is used to it but still looks on in bewilderment as Pip goes about collecting her owners' shoes and taking them to her crate where she will use them as a pillow or cuddle them. Then she might get out and go and get another one, or two. Because she just didn't have quite enough.

She doesn't chew them. She just uses them for comfort so we've never stopped her. But we are quite often to be found walking around the house with one shoe on looking for another to make a matching pair!

She's a little lacking in brains at quite a lot of other times but we love her and she duly gets LOTS of attention! 

Prepare to be "Pipped" from time to time when I capture a moment that just has to be shared :) 

Kiwi Good Life - Vicki Annison

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