Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Animals everywhere

We share our little place in the country with our beautiful, crazy pets - they seem to like it here as much as we do.

I've already introduced you to our two dogs: Jess and Pip, but we also have two cats (Sheila & Meer), a miniature horse called Ted, four rabbits and lots of chickens.

The lovely thing is that all the animals really get along with each other. The horse talks through the fence to the chickens; the kitten regularly visits the rabbits and rolls on her back next to their cage waiting for one to come to the side to visit her. Sure the dogs occasionally give chase on a cat, or the kitten will take a swipe at one of the dogs, but then that evening the cats will come and snuggle up with the dogs so I'm pretty sure it's all fun and games really.

As you can see from this short video clip, I was walking Ted recently and was joined by all the dogs and cats who wanted to come too! We had our son's dog with us at that time as well, so three dogs, two cats and one horse :)

They also like to cozy up on the sofa in my home office while I'm working....

It's a hard life eh?!

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