Thursday, 30 April 2015

Are you addicted to fruity feijoas?

The past month has brought us a bounty of feijoas.
They are falling off our tree faster than I can keep collecting them.

But I'm not complaining as these juicy, sweet delights are delicious and I - like many other New Zealanders - am happy to sit with a spoon and devour more of these in one sitting than is probably advisable.

Kiwi Good Life - Vicki Annison
Inside a ripe feijoa
For those of you outside NZ who are not sure what I'm talking about - feijoas grow in many kiwi backyards and throw their delectable little green fruits off when they ripen during March - June.

Feijoas are a small fruit (1 to 2 inches) and when ripe the flesh is soft and fragrant, with a jelly-like center of small, edible seeds, and a slightly gritty texture similar to that of a pear.

The taste of feijoas is very hard to nail down - it really is an unusual combination and not like anything I've had before. I have heard that it tastes like guava as it belongs to the same family - but I've never had guava so cannot compare.

Our tree is doing exceptionally well this year - last year it was pushed up against a greenhouse and row of hedging, both of which have since been removed. So I think it took a big breath of air and grew and grew and grew. (Like my stomach when I take my jeans off!)

So everyday I pick up more fruit from the floor and our buckets are now brimming with their burden. This can only signal one thing -
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Thursday, 23 April 2015

School holiday time

This is a lame excuse for a blog post but seeing as we've all just been far too busy enjoying our Kiwi Good Life recently I thought the quickest way to bring you up to date is via some recent photos.

So here are some pics that show a few of the things we've been up to over the past couple of weeks - which happened to be the Easter school holidays.

Never a dull moment!
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Friday, 10 April 2015

Plenty of pumpkins

It was Easter time all over the world last weekend and for many Northern Hemisphere people that means Spring; fluffy bunny rabbits, daffodils, green buds on trees, bouncing white lambs and being able to go out without a jacket on.

But here in New Zealand Easter falls in Autumn (having lived most my life in the UK this really takes some getting used to!) and we are starting to see slightly cooler weather, although still hitting 20 degrees many days so cannot complain.

So while Easter weekend for us was still a time for hot cross buns, chocolate eggs, a visit to the beach and a bit of decorating - most of all it was a great time to harvest our pumpkins.

And we had just a few growing in the pumpkin patch.....

Kiwi Good Life - Vicki Annison

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The continuing adventures of Meer Cat

Our little bundle of fluff that came from the animal shelter last year is now nearly ten months old and continuing to give us daily cuddles and chuckles as she delves head first into everything in her daily life.

She is most definitely still a kitten and although growing slowly in size - with the most ENORMOUS tail! - she captures the attention of everyone with her kitten-esque antics.
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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

The end of growing Cape Gooseberries

I have finally been reacquainted with my beloved greenhouse.

Following an arduous task pulling out and metres and metres of sodding cape gooseberry plants and their leggy tendrils, picking off the valuable fruits, and shifting HUGE piles of greenery to the compost - we have cleared out the greenhouse of its excess summer planting (ok ok I went over the top again) and I now can actually get in the greenhouse, walk around the paths and have clear space in the beds to transplant a few capsicums to hopefully overwinter.

Kiwi Good Life - Vicki Annison
During the big removal...
After the big tidy up :)

The second greenhouse still has to be tackled - but sssssshhhhhhh
So what did we do with this mighty valuable crop of cape gooseberries I hear you ask...

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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!!

Hope you're having a wonderful Easter - whatever it means to you, whatever you choose to do - may it be enjoyable, relaxing and bring you peace and happiness.

I had a creative Good Friday doing a bit of sewing and craft with Miss12.

Yesterday we had a great day out visiting Raglan and having a stroll on the beach eating hot cross buns!

Today we have been at home getting a quite  lot of things straightened up and sorted out but it's been not TOO hectic and we've relaxed in between with some beverages :)
There are evenings of food and films. Plus still time to be creative and do some finger knitting our new hobby....

Miss12 picked up the theory quickly then while entranced in front of a movie,
managed to make enough knitted cable to circumnavigate our living room!
One major event this weekend that I should tell you about is that we said goodbye - in a good way - to our miniature horse Ted who has gone to live with a new family.

It was a tough decision but for the best and we know he'll have a great time at his new place where he won't be as lonely with a goat, sheep and another horse for companions.

So one less animal tonight at the Kiwi Annisons' place - but here (because how could we not at Easter?!) is a special video for you....

Happy Easter from our own easter bunnies who have had a hopping good time today.
Their home was being cleaned out and moved to a new location so they got to play out in the playpen for a while :)

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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hands up if you're a bookworm...

A love of reading is certainly prominent in our family - particularly with the girls!

My mum, myself and my daughter are all very keen readers and could easily loose ourselves in a book at anytime.

I usually fall asleep most nights with a book (I'm sure it looks very glamorous lying across my face) and my daughter gets a dozen or more books at a time from the library and then reads them all in a few days!

Kiwi Good Life - Vicki Annison
Really - what more could you ask for than a real fire,
dogs at your feet, a cosy blanket and a good book?

I HAVE to read - anything - anytime - give me a few minutes with nothing to do and I have to find something to read. I think that's why I love the internet so much as I can always find something to read, research, review etc but before the days of smartphones, tablets and portable internet devices - a good old fashioned book would be my friend of choice. 

It still is on many occasions, especially if I know I have a period of time to pass e.g. at an airport, waiting for a hospital appointment etc. 

But did you know that you can read most of your favourite books on a tablet or smartphone simply by downloading the FREE Kindle App from Amazon?

I don't have a Kindle myself but my daughter and my mum do and they love them.
I have just downloaded the free Kindle App on my iPad and iPhone so I'll never be caught short without reading material again!

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Busy best buddies

Trying out a little something on Flipagram today - thought it might be a nice way to put together groups of my photos.....    (You should see how many I have on my phone!)

Let me know what you think
Happy Easter from Pip & Jess!!

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Just a snapshot of life at our place.....

A few pics taken over the last few days that sum up some typical moments at our kiwi place in the country....

Kiwi Good Life - Vicki Annison
Miss12 just hanging out with the pets on the swinging chair
(actually she was 'doing her homework'!)

Kiwi Good Life - Vicki Annison
Hmmmm - who broke the fence Ted?
(apparently the hubbie reversed into it with the mower!)

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