Thursday, 30 April 2015

Are you addicted to fruity feijoas?

The past month has brought us a bounty of feijoas.
They are falling off our tree faster than I can keep collecting them.

But I'm not complaining as these juicy, sweet delights are delicious and I - like many other New Zealanders - am happy to sit with a spoon and devour more of these in one sitting than is probably advisable.

Kiwi Good Life - Vicki Annison
Inside a ripe feijoa
For those of you outside NZ who are not sure what I'm talking about - feijoas grow in many kiwi backyards and throw their delectable little green fruits off when they ripen during March - June.

Feijoas are a small fruit (1 to 2 inches) and when ripe the flesh is soft and fragrant, with a jelly-like center of small, edible seeds, and a slightly gritty texture similar to that of a pear.

The taste of feijoas is very hard to nail down - it really is an unusual combination and not like anything I've had before. I have heard that it tastes like guava as it belongs to the same family - but I've never had guava so cannot compare.

Our tree is doing exceptionally well this year - last year it was pushed up against a greenhouse and row of hedging, both of which have since been removed. So I think it took a big breath of air and grew and grew and grew. (Like my stomach when I take my jeans off!)

So everyday I pick up more fruit from the floor and our buckets are now brimming with their burden. This can only signal one thing -
time to get the freezer bags out.

Feijoas freeze quite well - the fruity flesh is simply scooped out and popped in a bag - these will be great at any time we want to put some in cakes, puddings, pies, crumbles etc.

I have already tried some feijoa cooking this week when I used my Cape Gooseberrry Crumble Cake recipe and substituted the berries for feijoas - it was pretty damn good I have to say!

I'll see if there's any left for a photo.....

Feijoas under the tree ready for collecting

Mass scale scooping and chopping for the freezer

One bucketful (approx 3kg of flesh) all bagged up and ready to go to freezer

Hmmmm no cake here ;)

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