Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The continuing adventures of Meer Cat

Our little bundle of fluff that came from the animal shelter last year is now nearly ten months old and continuing to give us daily cuddles and chuckles as she delves head first into everything in her daily life.

She is most definitely still a kitten and although growing slowly in size - with the most ENORMOUS tail! - she captures the attention of everyone with her kitten-esque antics.

She is one of the most curious cats I have known and well suits her name as she's oft found in the Meer Cat position trying to have a good look at something - she is so nosey!

She patrols around our garden doing regular investigations of anything that might be a smidgeon out of place, or perhaps just needs a prod anyway. She visits the chickens but they aren't too friendly and just prefer to peck away at nothing much - but she'll sit atop the fence and watch them for a bit anyway. Then she'll visit the rabbits who are much more attentive and she might even get a nuzzle through the mesh. 

The other family cat, six-year-old Sheila, might allow the newbie to join her for a stroll but generally patience is lost and authority shown. The pattern continues daily with growing spells of tolerance.

She taunts and teases the dogs daily. Alternating between batting their heads and running off like a toddler, and then coming back trying to get snuggles and love. She lets them play chase with her in the garden but then another time she'll jump out of a tree to surprise them and give chase to the two dogs!

Frustratingly she STILL hasn't learnt how to use the cat flap. Or perhaps she likes the fact that we push it just a little ajar for her to use easier - so why should she do all the hard work herself?

Most evenings she comes in to the house when called - or when the rattling cat food tin calls her - and has 'Crazy hour' when she parades around the living room, ducking and diving on the dogs, jumping in and out of the cat tunnel, hiding and pouncing on anyone or thing that comes near her, killing the fluffy toy mouse that hangs  to the cat tower on a piece of elastic that has snapped and been re-tied more times than I can remember. 

Then eventually she'll fall into a dozy sleep - sometimes in the tunnel, often in the dog crate, but mostly near one of her fluffy canine friends who don't mind sharing some of their warmth and snuggles with 'their' new kitten. 

A morning visit to mum and dad's bed where she's very happy to have a nap
A bewildered and patient Jess Dog gets some kitten attention

Meer in the dog crate, Sheila on the top bunk
Even better if there's a dog in there too!
Pip 'allows' Meer to snuggle up

Nap time in the office while mum tries to do something called work
Playtime in the garden - it was fun when everyone was chasing the falling plums

Keeping watch while I do the gardening

Meer Cat our beautiful calico kitten

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