Saturday, 25 July 2015

A facelift for our kiwi cottage

It's been quite some time since I did a blog post but as per the normal excuses... life has been getting in the way of blogging etc etc.

Lots of great things happening and I'll try and get up to date over the next few weeks but if you're keen to follow some Kiwi Good Life as it happens then follow me on Instagram (@kiwivix) or just search #KiwiGoodLife.

Now then... one pretty major item has been the work we've been doing on our little kiwi cottage. We do have planning consent to build our kitchen extension but the job may have to wait until we gather the required funds to complete it! But we did decide to get on with replacing the boards on our little house and putting in some much needed insulation whilst we were at it.

The old boards were painted with some very bizarre bumpy paint (literally full of bits) and the dark colour had not done it any favours in the strong NZ sun. So we've put new boards on but have kept all the old boards (native timber) and plan to tidy it up, keeping the best bits for a future project.

The insulation has really made a difference to our little shed I mean house!
With thin timber walls and nothing in between we were literally living in a large, drafty, timber shed.
We've also changed the windows and put double glazing in (french doors will be done at a later date) so the place really has been toasty this winter.

It's still a work in progress and we need to finish with the painting (it currently has an underseal on the boards) but it's looking so smart now I'm sure it's smiling at us for looking after it!

most definitely a 'before' picture

no going back now

I de-nailed a LOT of boards!

Getting to write on your bedroom wall!

Cosy earthwool insulation going in

Building paper 

new boards, new windows :)

Even the porch got a face lift

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