Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Furry fluffy things

The feline family members of the Annison clan have been keeping busy over the winter.
There has been lots of adventuring, exploring, keeping a watchful eye on EVERYTHING, but mostly...

Yep lots of sleeping cats at our place.
I have one near me right now lying on an office chair like a warm, snuggly, breathing cushion (probably wouldn't appreciate being sat on very much through).

So just in case you needed some cute cat pictures - because they are so difficult to find on the internet, right?? - here's an update from Meer Cat and Sheila.

Oi! You birds over there... I'm watching your every move

Exploring the log pile (one of them anyway)

Thanks for the teddy - I needed something small to cuddle

uhum - yep, he can go in my bed too

I think I love my teddy

Don't move your legs again - I've just got comfortable

Is this how we sit on an armchair then?

Sheila can put on the kitten pose like a pro

You finished work yet? Come 'on - my food bowl is empty

And not to be left out - the dogs are still being Pesky Pip and Jealous Jess....

Pip the dog - sat on a cat cushion to keep her bottom warm

Jealous Jess wants to see what the teddy thing is all about

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