Thursday, 8 October 2015

A slowly expanding house

It's been a while since I did an update on the house renovations but I can assure you we've certainly not been sitting idle since the last house post in July: a facelift for our kiwi cottage

Although funds don't currently allow us to just get the new kitchen extension up and in 'just like that' we did decide that now we have our resource consent and are all set to go.... we should make a start on the first stage.

So at the end of the house where the extension is going (and as you can see on the pics below - the only side of the house we've not re-clad because of this reason) the land has been scraped back to clear the way. This kind of gives a guide as to how big the room will be too.

Our little two bedroom cottage is currently only about 100m2 and we're adding on another 35m2 with a dining kitchen across the end.

This will allow us to reclaim the space in middle of the house where the current (and very small) kitchen is, and move the dining table out of the current living room - the house will still be cosy and comfortable with just the right balance of living area and a fabulous new space for the kitchen diner opening out onto the back garden. I cannot wait to see it for real - not just in my head!!

The first job, which required the building inspector to sign off, was to mark out where the house piles are going and dig 15 very large holes!

This involved lots of string, some spray paint,  a tape measure, and a laser thing (the husband will roll his eyes now!).

And then it involved two spades, two people (me & him), and intermittent visits from a kitten that would examine the holes and inevitably push a little earth back in them. She's helpful like that.

At this point the inspector checks everything is looking hunky dory - or maybe he measures the holes and refers back to the plans, I really don't know. But most importantly he gave us the correct nod of the head, the right bit of paper, and said 'yep'.
So we carried on.

The next stage involved concreting into the ground the tanalised wooden posts that will be the piles for our new extension. They look like sticks in the ground - because I suppose that's what they are - but this is how it's done here. Technical questions on a postcard and I'll refer them to the hubbie!

So stage one, of many, is now complete - we have piles!!

I've never been so proud to blog about it either.
Back with more soon hopefully :)

Funds accepted with the postcard then we can get to roof level!

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