Monday, 21 December 2015

It's beginning to feel a lot like a kiwi Christmas

I love having a summer Christmas in New Zealand.
It's so completely different to those I grew up with in wet, grey, and not often snowy on Dec.25th, north-west England.

December arrives all too quickly (I'm not going to be the 105th person to say "where has the year gone?" but.....) it brings christmas tunes,  stocking fillers on the end of every shop aisle, and new swimming togs, jandals and beach towels.

Christmas in New Zealand IS Christmas in the summertime.

Everyone prepares not only for a day of gift giving, eating and merriment - but the following days which will quickly transmogrify into SUMMER HOLIDAYS!

Boats and trailers are washed and prepared for action, tents are purchased or found in the back of the garage, last year's body boards are dusted off, and those not heading away put up the large back yard paddling pool and maybe a gazebo or two.

And everyone makes sure enough supplies are bought in ready for the silly season. Beverages, BBQ necessities, ice blocks, chilly bins, and sunblock.

Christmas festivities creep along throughout the month. Work parties and get togethers are squeezed in between Santa parades, attending end of school performances, late night's out shopping, and late night's in wrapping presents.

Here in Kiwi Good Life land we have the benefit of several hundred live Christmas trees in our garden. We still have a couple of artificial trees we put up indoors but this year we also decorated one of our outdoor trees (which have grown at an amazing rate since they were planted as twigs just a little over two years ago!).

The home made advent calendar is producing daily delights and chocolates - and seconding as a line to display our christmas cards on.

A few gifts have crept in under the tree. Gratefully received from work suppliers or clients.

And the wondrous #NZSecretSanta took place over in the land of Twitter. I was delighted to receive my amazing hand made gift from my anonymous santa. It sits with pride of place on my desk as I type.

A few nights ago we did our regular tour around some of the local Christmas illuminations; brightly lit, colourful houses, churches and business, all decked up for the season with an array of wondrous lights.

Yesterday we spent the day over in the beautiful, relaxing, coastal town of Raglan. Soaking up some sunshine, coffee and great Raglan vibes.

The Kiwi Christmas trees, the blazing pohutukawas, stood out against the blue waters of the sky and sea and it certainly is....   "beginning to feel a lot like Christmas" :)

I hope you all get a little something from Santa that brings a smile to your face and that you get to share the special time with close family and friends that are dear to you.

Happy Christmas!

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Friday, 18 December 2015

All is still good!


Just realised it was October when I last blogged! Apologies but hopefully anyone that's really interested in the Kiwi Good Life will have been keeping up with daily ins and outs/ ups and downs - via the Instagram account. If you don't follow it - pop on over there now!

So life is......
                          ......still good

The Kiwi Good Life continues at pace.

We work pretty hard during the week, and sometimes evenings and weekends too!
And when we're not working we settle into doing 'jobs' and chores around our little house and lifestyle block.
And when we are not working or 'jobbing' we go out and play!
Or stay home and just enjoy what we have here - so yep, pretty good at the #KiwiGoodLife

Here's a super quick catch up on a few things that have been going on - or just caught my eye and were 'snapped' at the time, such as this first one.....

The delicious Meer Cat investigating in the grapefruit tree (which is ENORMOUS!)

Beer. Trying out a local taphouse, called... The Local Taphouse
If you visit Hamilton and like beer you should go there :)

We had to travel through Matamata so paid a visit to the Hobbiton themed iSite building there
Isn't it just so cute?!

I can never have too much of this place - the wonderful Hamilton Gardens
This is the Italian Garden, one of my favourites

Candy floss at the Gardens!

At Hobbiton Movie Set. Working. Honestly. 

Kiwi Good Life pumpkins (grown by us) carved for Halloween
I enjoyed a high tea at Zealong Tea nr Hamilton - in the name of work (it's a pretty hard life)
Hard at work - yes really - I get paid to do this!
More work - and I got driven to a photoshoot location in a limo
We had a lovely sunny day out at the races
Visited Bullswool Farm and met some cool animals

Met up with some cool #LoveTheTron people 

Picked up my parents from the airport (visiting from the UK)

Enjoyed more fires - and drinks - and food

Attended a beautiful summer wedding in Turangi of our friends, Phil & Amy

Happy wedding visitors

And that more or less brings us up to December and I WILL get another post on very soon

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