Wednesday, 17 February 2016

We've been bathrooming

It appears that I've been absent from the blog for a wee while - oops!
I must try harder to post more, but you can always follow the Instagram page for the most regular updates.
(It might appear a bit 'empty' as I've just started a new dedicated Instagram page so you will only see relevant #KiwiGoodLife on there - and believe me it will soon be FULL!)

Anyway we have been busy with all the usual things.
You know like;
  • chopping firewood in the middle of summer heatwaves so we can stock up the shed for winter..
  • picking plums constantly for the two week season (that's what it feels like)..
  • continuing to build our new extension which will house the new kitchen..
  • painting the outside of the house (this will be ongoing for a quite a while!)..
  • planting, weeding, picking, weeding, digging, weeding in the vege garden..
  • enjoying a wonderful kiwi summer - it's SO hard!

But what I'm going to focus on today is.. bathrooming (it's a new word)

As part of our house renovations we've changed around our internal rooms quite a lot.
Like major changes.
Our old living room is now the master bedroom. 
And our daughter's old bedroom has become our ensuite bathroom.

We decided to ramp up work in the ensuite so we could actually have a bath.
When we renovated the existing family bathroom we decided to make the cosy room a little more spacious by taking out the bath and going instead for a large shower. 
So we haven't had a bath in the house for approx two years. And I missed it.

The ensuite room is a lovely size for a bathroom... with a bath.
It was a terrible size for a bedroom and it's hard to imagine Abi ever used it as such. I recall her bed didn't fit well between the walls, we had to push it down into place and it sat, wedged, on the skirting board, not  the floor!

So the room was stripped, new bathroom gib, plastering, painting and a wee bit of plumbing then we put in the fittings. 

Love the original doors in our house - we're slowing changing them all back 
Bit of sanding and varnishing on the old floorboards

Our $25 Op Shop find from last year that's been waiting for it's moment to steal the show!
I found this hutch / dresser on Trade Me for $80 - we had a plan!

We chopped, sawed, sanded, painted, fit new handles & taps and gave it lots of love and a pride of place position.....

Our new/old bathroom vanity - love it!
A standard bath from the DIY store was fitted and given a touch of Kiwi Good Life styling

Finished... and ...

(this was THE most anticipated and talked about bath-time in history!)


Here's a little look at the preloved handbasin and old cupboard we picked up for our 'outside' toilet
(it's accessed via the porch and laundry)
not bad for $8

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