Friday, 15 July 2016

Filling empty gaps - we've made a new room!

I love to see "before and after" pictures.
Anything... house renovations, haircuts, weight loss (or weight gain!), plants or animals growing.... you get the picture. And normally I love to share our own KiwiGoodLife transformations by showing the typical grotty 'before' photo and then the shiny new NEW update. If you also love these types of pictures I'll casually throw in a few links here to previous blog posts which include such transformations!

A facelift for our Kiwi cottage
Journey to vegetable heaven
Jess the dog
and Instant Christmas trees (to name just a few)

Anyway - the problem is, that I don't always get that all important 'before' picture.
I'll remember halfway through demolition of a wall, a kitchen, or a building - that I wanted to take a photo before we started. Quite often the hubbie has had to immediately halt and prop something back up so I can at least get an 'almost before' picture. This request does not always get a good reaction.

So after recently sharing our beautiful, delicious, sunny and light new kitchen in The Big Kitchen Reveal, I thought I should show you the old kitchen and what we've done with that space now.
Except - yes you guessed it, I have no pictures of the old kitchen.

Well, I have a few but nothing that shows you the whole picture and the real 'before' situation. We had done a few ongoing alterations to the original grotty kitchen whilst we waited to get consent to build the extension. So there is no physical evidence of exactly what we had to live with for the first few years we were in this cottage. But just believe me when I say it was not good. At all.

So we'll pick up the pictures from this point - it's a couple of months ago when the new extension was built and we were just fitting it out with the new kitchen. We'd purchased the new stove and it was installed in the OLD kitchen for the time being. And the hubbie had built the lovely butchers block you see, just so we could have some worktop and extra storage.
Looking into the new kitchen from the old kitchen

He also built those shelves on the left - again for extra storage
Originally the fridge (which was in the only place there was for it) half covered a doorway to a bedroom! We moved the doorway to another wall to remedy this!

Half way through pulling out the old kitchen sink = grotty

Patching and tidying up the old floorboards and cladding

And now I can show you what we have now... a super comfortable, multi-purpose, room for the whole family to use and relax in. It's a study, a craft corner, a reading nook... whichever... it just feels like it's a happy space now. And it's NOT a grotty kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little part of this transformation.
I'd love to hear your comments in this little box down below... I sometimes feel like I'm talking to myself!

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