Sunday, 31 July 2016

Spring will surely spring soon

We're in the middle of a very wet and windy patch of winter here in New Zealand.
Our normally good-draining land is most definitely squishy underfoot and the dogs look like they need waders when they go out for a run in the field.
I'm not complaining - I always say that New Zealand wouldn't be so green if we didn't have good rain (and it sure does know how to rain good here). But the other thing is... it knows how to do bloody good sunshine and blue skies too! And quite often, they're all at the same time. I tell you. Super clever.

So this last week has seen some crazy winds come through our region. The book of Faces was full of pictures of trees that had blown over  - and then... I got to add one of our own.

Yes, our lovely Feijoa tree came a cropper. But thankfully it fell straight down between two greenhouses without causing any damage. However that's the end of our feijoa crop until our next tree grows up and starts producing.

Meer Cat is the first to investigate - as usual

With a sense of creative entrepreneurship we decided to salvage as much useable 'craft' timber from the fallen tree as we could (and it was way too small to go to the firewood pile).

Finding branches thick enough to cut out - the rest went into the compost bin

Slicing some of the bigger branches

When this is processed to the end product I'll be sure to take some pictures and do another post to update you.

Meanwhile we have taken shelter from the rain and been busy in the greenhouse getting ready for the so-close-you-could-touch-it season of Spring. When seeds germinate, green shoots emerge, and the greenhouse is so full of plants that you can almost see it pumping out big breathes of oxygen.
We've planted up heaps of seeds; all sorts of veges and new for us this year.. some bedding plants. It will be nice to have some colourful plants and flowers around the place, plus we can sell extras on our roadside stall that is ticking away nicely with a steady stream of regular customers.

So in a month or so (if you're in the Hamilton/Cambridge area) and in need of some seedlings for your Spring planting out - have a gander at our stall as it will be full to bursting with the fruits of our labour, which can then become your very own piece of our KiwiGoodLife in your garden.

A new - bigger - shelf and a potting bench

Seeds - seeds - seeds

The greenhouse is getting organised for Spring 

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