Sunday, 23 October 2016

We're going social

I am such a bad blogger.
Well, actually I think I'm a pretty good writer and blogger, it's just that life and work kind of get in the way and the time allocated to writing my own blog posts slides down the scale.
What am I talking about? I don't allocate time to writing my own blog posts! Maybe that's the problem after all!

Apologies to any 'regular' readers that have been holding out, and just itching for the latest news from the Kiwi Good Life. Yeah, I can picture all of you, thousands of you, weeping over your laptops and phones when you check the website and see that last blog post is still the same last blog post and the world appears to have come to an end. Maybe?

I have decided, in an attempt to help keep you all in touch with the Kiwi Good Life goings on, to open a Facebook page which should allow me to post lots more pics and updates, and let our regular followers (ok... there are may less than thousands) keep in touch easily.

So hop over and give us a follow on the big old world of Facebook - send us a message - share your lifestyle, garden and pet pictures with us and let's be social together!

For anyone that doesn't wish to be social with us - no worries - the blog will remain. I will continue to post longer items on here, but I'm afraid it will just have to be as and when the time and inclination lines up, maybe when there is a full moon on a weekend... or something like that!

Cue the busy writer memes....

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