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In days of old (2012) Vicki started a blog called the Kiwi Blog Bus......

Far, far away in the beautiful country of New Zealand lives an English family that were granted permission to live forever in the kingdom of kiwis. The family loved their new land so much that they acquired a bus in which they could travel to see the many delights that Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, has to offer. Enclosed within these pages are tales of the Kiwi Blog Bus and the family’s voyages and adventures.
The blog became extremely popular with fans from 145 countries and (at last glance) over 57,000 hits.

Unfortunately the sale of the bus mid-2013 also saw the end of the blog posts.
(Although there are many untold stories that could still be told!)

The blog remains live for the benefit of all those interested in travelling around New Zealand by campervan, or even day trippers who are just researching places to go.

If you would like to read more about such things as: Free lakeside camping, Three in a boat in PatuaWhat to look for in a family van, or Falling waters of New Zealand then please pop over and have a look at the Kiwi Blog Bus.

Happy travelling :)

Some comments from readers of the Kiwi Blog Bus:
"Lovely writing style you have, very entertaining." 
"Howling with laughter!!!!   This post made my day :) Thanks!!!"
"Love your blog posts! so inspiring! " 
"Gorgeous blog and photos." (Thames District Council) 
"Hello! I am writing from Greece. I saw this wonderful blog some time ago and I am reading it whenever I can." 
"It’s such a pleasure to read about your travels and get lost in your incredible pictures." 
"Great blog. My family and I plan to visit NZ in a year or so and live through the campervan experience. Your blog will help me more than Tripadvisor" 
"I love hearing about your adventures.... You have a great way of expressing yourself and are often quite funny." 
"We enjoy your energetic blogsite...Well written and enjoyable" 
"The joy of blogging and reading blogs like yours is that you can take yourself wherever you want.... I am enjoying ‘joining ‘ you in New Zealand." 
" I really enjoy hearing about your adventures. In fact, I look forward to them. Thanks for always putting a smile on my face. Cheers!" 
"Wonderful blog! It may be that I envy you a little bit."


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